After graduation

After graduation, you will be awarded a degree certificate in Politics, Media and Communication. Although as the Bachelor of Arts, you can directly enter the labour market, the option our graduates usually choose, is to continue in their studies and obtain their Master`s degree to enhance their carreer perspectives.  

If you decide not to continue in your studies, as a graduates from the Politics, Media and Communication Bachelor’s program you will be able to grasp, understand and analytically work with data in the fields of politics, society and the media. Given the growing importance of the media, political communication and mediatisation, there is the increasing demand for graduates with the analytical expertise provided in the study program.

The most directly linked fields where are graduates can find employment is that of data analysis both in the private and public spheres, political communication, marketing and consultancy. An analysis undertaken on the largest website offering employment in the Czech Republic, (which covers 75% of the labour market and specialises in highly skilled jobs in collaboration with renowned firms and multinational companies), shows that the greatest number of job offers is in the area of media, advertising and PR, followed by marketing communication.

With the development of (political) marketing and modern campaigning, the professionalisation of political actors and the transformations in the fields of public and political communication, demand understandably arises for graduates who know how politics and the media work, and understand the effects of communication by political actors and media content on the political positions that affect decision making clearly show that the study and analytics of the media, largely undertaken by the various media houses (analyses of market positions, readers etc.) or in specialised research agencies, are becoming more important.

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